How to Disable Startup Apps to Improve Windows Performance

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In this fast-paced world, system slowdown is like a pain in the neck, demanding great patience from you, mostly, at the wrong time. There can be many reasons why your computer is performing poorly; among which Startup apps can be the biggest one.

What “Startup Apps” are?

Alternatively known as “boot-up programs”, startup apps are all those installed apps and programs that automatically load while your Windows boots. These apps are, generally, heavy services that run in the Windows background. By loading simultaneously as your system launches, startup apps get ready to be used instantly. For instance, if you have an antivirus installed on your computer, it will add itself to the boot process to run in the background.

You can see the startup items list in the notification area on your computer. Click on the up-arrow button in the bottom right corner of the screen to know which programs are running in the background.

Why should the Startup Apps List be managed?

The more programs included in the startup apps list, the longer your computer will take time to load. The reason being, much of system resources are consumed that drag your computer’s speed down. Therefore, it’s essential for you to sort out the wasteful apps and programs from the startup list to improve Windows performance and speed.

Disable Startup Apps on Windows 10, 8.1, and 8

In order to modify which apps and programs will run on your Windows startup, follow the instructions below:

  • Access the Task Manager: You can do this by multiple ways, the easiest of which is right-clicking on an empty space of the taskbar and selecting Task Manager from the appeared menu.
  • Once the Task Manager launches, head to the Startup tab on the top row.
  • Check the “Startup Impact” column to discover which app is posing a heavy impact on the startup process. Select the app you wish to prevent from loading at startup process, and click Disable button in the bottom-right corner of the window.

The apps you disabled will not load on the startup process from the next time you boot your computer.

Note: Some apps are necessary for the startup process to let Windows function properly. In case you can’t decide whether an app is necessary for launching at the Windows boot process, right-click on the app’s name and select “Search Online” to perform an online research on the app’s function.

Disable Startup Apps on Windows 7, Vista, and XP

To boost your computer’s speed from now onwards, perform the following steps to stop an app from launching at startup process on the earlier versions of Windows:

  • First off, click the Start button
  • Enter msconfig in the search bar and press Enter
  • Once the System Configuration window shows up, go to the Startup tab
  • Uncheck the boxes next to the apps you don’t want to load at your Windows startup
  • Click Apply, and then Ok
  • A dialog box will appear informing you that the new changes will take place when you reboot your Windows. Click Restart if you want it now. In case you want to reboot your system later, click the Exit without Restart button

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