Windows Running Slow? Here’s the Fix

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With Windows improving every next update, users look forward to the latest version to take their experience to the next level. Well, they’re never let down! Windows 8 surpasses its predecessor with a more interactive and lively interface but failed to impress the users when Windows 10 stepped in. However, as the system advances to accumulate more data and files, it begins to crawl to get the processing done.

Thankfully, there are some excellent software and hardware tweaks that you can use to speed up Windows 10. Walk through the article to learn more.

Install an SSD Startup Drive

Adding an SSD to your PC can improve the performance of your PC dramatically. Not only it makes your system boot faster but also helps your applications and software load more quickly. And the good news is that you can swap out the drives easier than you think. Plus, it’s quite inexpensive these days. All you need to do is buy an SSD drive from a trusted manufacturer.

Launch the Windows Troubleshooter

To sniff out performance issues, Microsoft endowed Windows 10 with a very efficient tool called Windows Troubleshooter. In order to launch it, simply do as follows:

Run Control Panel and click System Security>System Maintenance>Troubleshooting>Run maintenance tasks. When the screen “Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems” pops up, click “Next”.

Once Windows Troubleshooter finds the stuff you don’t use anymore, it will report you with the message “Try troubleshooting as an administrator”. Click the message to allow the tool for fixing system performance issues.

Clean Out Your Registry

Basically, registry tracks just about everything you do on Windows. For instance, the URL for this post is recorded in the registry. However, registry tends to be uncluttered over time. Windows doesn’t completely clean itself up on the regular basis, filling your system with countless outdated settings. This leads to Windows slowdown.

To clean out all this mess, you need an efficient Registry Cleaner. There are many available in the market to choose from. We recommend you to make a wise choice. Also, before you an efficient cleaner, don’t forget to back up your data for safety purpose.

Kill Bloatware

Often times, the greatest cause for your system slowdown is some adware or bloatware taking space on your CPU. You’ll be startled to notice how fast and easily Windows 10 eliminates these from your system.

To run a security scan, you need to first install an efficient security suite on your PC. Once installed, simply scan your system for potential threats and fix them.

Use Windows Startup Tool

If booting your PC feels like an eternity, it’s because there are too many useless startup programs enabled. By turning these programs and apps off, you can boost your PC’s speed noticeably.

Task Manager will help you do the task. Simply, right-click on the empty area on the taskbar and click Task Manager. Now, go to Startup tab and look through the list of apps and programs to sort out the ones you don’t need to load at Windows booting. Right-click those programs and apps, and click “Disable”.