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File Shredder

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Advanced PC Boosting Suite

One Single Tool can end your days of frustration of the slow PC speed.

A couple of clicks on the Quick PC Booster window and it will immediately begin speeding up your Windows PC or laptop. The tool accelerates Windows startup and shutdown; safe delete browser history, stored passwords, auto-complete, cache, cookies, etc. for maximum security; fix registry conflicts such as orphaned references, invalid entries, and more; remove activity logs, junk files, dead keys and broken shortcuts; and does a lot more to clean up & speed up your PC.

Login Items

Use our hybrid utility to speed up your slow Macbook startup by cleaning unwanted login items, incompatible apps, unnecessary startup programs, etc. to ensure your device runs fast, smooth and efficiently. It helps improve Macbook performance by helping you fix issues like Mac startup disk full, error messages, hangs, freezes, apps or browser not responding, etc., together with helping you clean up Macbook hard drive, remove unwanted malware ad suspicious apps, cache files, and more.

Ultra-Speedy Uninstaller

You might not realize but there can be many useless apps installed on your Mac, making the system too heavy to work speedily. Perhaps, a couple of them were installed automatically when you downloaded some other app. Is there any point in keeping a program that you didn’t know existed on your Mac? These are just a junk that’s nothing more than a burden you must get rid of. Mac Optimizer Pro helps you do it in a quick and easy manner. Just one click and all the useless programs are gone for good.

More Utilities

Can there be a place from where you can monitor your computer and manage all its utilities? We just made one! This all-in-one suite helps you enjoy all you important device functions and everything you want to do with them. Is your device running slow? Use our rich collections of handy, robust and versatile tools helps speed up Mac, improve device performance and enjoy maximum performance hassle-free.

Improve your PC Performance With Just

3 Easy Steps


Click the Download button given on this page to download and install Quick PC Booster


Once installed, click ‘Scan’ to allow the tool to find all unwanted files on your computer


Optimize your computer by deleting clutter and removing junk found by Quick PC Booster


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Want to see your Windows computer work again like the time it was new? There’s so much to be done such as intense cleanups, security checks and enhancements, unwanted data removal, startup management, and more. The latest all-improved version of Quick PC Booster does all this singlehandedly. The best part is that it takes impressively quick time to optimization tasks to improve the speed, performance, and security of your Windows computer.

Startup Manager

Load Windows faster than ever! Improve the startup/shutdown time of your PC by managing startup programs. This is an excellent way to speed up your Windows computer. While you may find it difficult to recognize the programs and processes that are making your PC to load up slow, it’s just a matter of a few minutes for Quick PC Booster to disable all the items on the Startup tray for improving the Windows load time.

File Shredder

The complete QPCB suite features the File Shredder option that deletes files permanently to ensure seamless privacy. This is important because even though you delete files and folders from your computer, the data leaves its traces behind. This data can be restored if someone tries unless you shred it completely. Once Quick PC Booster deletes the leftovers once and for all, your data can never be restored by any existing technology.

Software Uninstaller

Introducing the best-of-breed uninstaller to help you remove programs in a flash, completely! People, usually, overlook the importance of uninstalling useless applications from their systems. However, the action is very important for a fast PC performance. Many apps and software take u a lot of your computer space while they’re unused for a long time. QPCB knows which apps are unimportant and lets you get rid of it in a couple of clicks.

Quick PC Booster
Taking Your PC Performance To Its Fullest!

It’s time to charge up your Windows computer performance the way it should. No lags; no slowdowns! Whatever’s making your computer sluggish will be taken care of in an instant. Simply enjoy a smooth and fast speed without any interruption. After all, you bought the machine to speed up your tasks and simplify your life. Quick PC Booster is the single tool you need to give your computer a rocket boost.
Enjoy Fast Computer!