How To Reset Your NETGEAR EX7000 Range Extender

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Want to know how to factory reset NETGEAR EX7000? There are two ways to do so – the Factory Reset button or the web user interface. Let’s see in detail what exactly you need to do.

Using Factory Reset Button

  • Look at the bottom of the router and with the help of a pointed object like a safety pin, press and hold the Factory Reset button
  • The Device to Extender LED light will turn amber within 5 seconds. You can now release the button

Once the router reboots, it will be in its factory default settings.

Using Web GUI

  • Connect your computer and EX7000 via either a wired or wireless connection
  • Go to your web browser and open
  • Type your login credentials in the provided area to log in
  • Click on Settings > Other Settings
  • Click on Reset and then Yes

That’s it. Your Netgear range extender is as fresh as a new router.