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Fire Up Your PC’s Performance In A Flash!

Quick PC Care

Full-featured registry cleaner to step up your PC performance by fixing various performance-sapping registry conflicts, invalid entries, and other issues! In this modern-day busy world, we cannot wait to see the loading on our computer take ages to complete. Everything must be quick, right from our PC to the tools we use to speed it up whenever the computer slows down. QPCB comes with instant care features that scan your PC quickly to fix glaring speed issues.

File Shredder

Use it in case you wish to delete certain files permanently. Its advanced erasure method makes sure deleted files can never be recovered by any data recovery tool. You may not know but many files leave their imprints on the system even after you delete them. People with malicious intent can easily retrieve them by using a recovery tool. But not anymore! The complete suite of our tool finds and removes each and every trace of the file you have deleted from your computer.

Program Uninstaller

Program Uninstaller helps you uninstall the application and remove unwanted programs & leftovers completely, with ease and at once. Deciding on which apps and programs are unnecessary is one of the biggest tasks that everyone avoids. The reason for this is that many times, we don’t even know we have an unimportant app installed on the system. Let Quick PC Booster sort your unused programs for you and uninstall them with just a single click within a matter of minutes.

Is your Mac running slow? Here’s something that actually works

Our computer runs efficient and when we purchase them; but, over time it tends to slow down considerably and we can sense an obvious performance gap. Moving ahead, we start experience obvious performance issues such as apps and browser not responding, system freezing, crashing and becoming unresponsive every so often, audios and videos taking longer than usual to start playing, frequent system restarts, unresponsive windows, long wait to get started after switching the computer on, and a lot more. Over time, the issues begin to take a toll on us, and grow severe enough to make us feel down and out, like having to buy additional RAM or perhaps a new computer. However, these issues and conditions are completely reversible and you can speed up mac with the best Mac cleaner. Therefore, if you’re still wondering why is my mac so slow, you can read more on our features page.


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Manage Startup

Manage (add or remove) startup programs to optimize the time Windows take to start up and get going on your computer. The speed of your PC’s startup is highly responsible for the performance of the system, overall. However, among so many apps and processes on the startup tray, how do you find the unimportant one? Easy. Just run Quick PC Booster it will bring the complete list of which process useless to be on the startup tray. Let the tool disable these apps instantly.

Windows Tools

One-stop-spot to configure, manage, and troubleshoot all Windows functions, plug-ins, and devices. Your Windows has got much more than you know. It’s when the system starts creating problems that you realize how many things are there to be managed. For basic home users, it can be a hard nut to crack. However, the advanced QPCB suite can take care of everything on your computer, singlehandedly, right from performance functions to security features and programs.

Restore Backup

Securely back up your registry settings before making any changes to it so that you can restore the earlier version of the registry in case required. Registry settings control a huge number of things on your computer. So, it’s essential to have it working properly all the time. But what if the system goes wrong sometimes? Thankfully, QPCB takes care of all this and keep your settings backed up on your behalf so that whenever you need them, you get them instantly.

Quick PC Booster

The most comprehensive PC utility package ever!

Your brand new computer runs fast and smoothly because the system is light, all the settings are still fresh and unused, and it has a hard disk that is empty yet. But with ages going on, space gets heavy and the system starts running slow. The result is error messages, hangs, blackouts, freezes, slow startup. app crashes, and so many things that frustrate a lot. This is where Quick PC Booster steps in! With its advanced utility package, the complete suite of Quick PC Booster takes care of every problematic element of your computer. The single tool multitasks to make your Windows PC run smooth and error-free. It boosts the startup process, clears up the hard drive, manages the desktop, permanently finds and deletes the leftovers of your files and apps, frees up the RAM, keeps the backup of your system’s registry settings, and whatnot. So, no more waiting for the load time to complete! Quick PC Booster will rocket boost your computer speed within a matter of minutes.